Slipping through the cracks

not good enough to stand out,
not bad enough to do the same
i'm just a number, a shape
in the ever-changing
organism, a living shape-changer
that they call the
student population
I'm faceless, nameless
i'm the person sitting next to you
i'm the athlete who sits the bench
i'm the quiet one learning to
speak up
but speaking up doesn't give
a face to the faceless
a name to the nameless
it gives a voice to the mass,
not that it gives the
mass any more distinction
than that
Find me, i'm hiding
i don't want to be hidden
i don't know how to escape
but who cares?
you don't.
or i wouldn't be here.

We are all hiding
unintentionally hiding
within the masses we
lend our voice to
lend, not give
we are slipping, escaping
running, falling
through the cracks
and you will soon see
rules and restrictions of the masses
have nothing on me!

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